The Making of Something From Nothing

Two design generalists from a branding agency walk into a bar... Watch as Kevin Landwehr & Devin Becker create something from nothing. Shot from conception to completion and packed with behind the scenes footage, filmmakers follow the creators of Magnolia Brewing & Smokestack BBQ as they reveal their inspiration for their eye-popping Dogpatch, San Francisco restaurant and brewery. Witness the meticulous build out from the ground up and get to know the personalities behind the design, food, beer and spirits that make up this one-of-a-kind San Francisco destination.

Taking It Further - Dave McLean, Kevin Landwehr, Devin Becker, Eric Heid, Justin Farrelly, Angie Fish, Eric Quilty and Dennis Lee.

Magnolia in Dogpatch: The Designer's Process

Kevin Landwehr and Devin Becker of the design firm Nothing Something reveal the concepts and inspiration for Magnolia’s new BBQ restaurant “Smokestack”. Meanwhile, Ben Spencer and his team of brewers fight through some unexpected difficulties while attempting their first Dogpatch brew, Maiden Voyage.