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“Authenticity” is the least authentic word in the business. If you’re being told to cultivate an image which solely aspires to meet the requirement of authenticity, then, ironically, you’re being misled. You know why? Because reasons. Many, many, authentic reasons.

The paradox of being real, by design: Trying to can it? Maybe you should. Or, maybe, you shouldn’t. Good brand expression comes from developing brand and brand-speak that lets the company product shine. Sometimes that can mean making something amateurish on purpose — which takes discipline. Sometimes you just cultivate the image that helps customers engage. Dizzy yet?

The key is designing what works, not, strictly speaking, what’s real. We create an identifiable brand. We differentiate it from the competition, not the category. We create meaningful associations in the minds of customers. We don’t overshadow the product, and we don’t try too hard. We just create oxygen.

When consulting with existing companies, we first execute an audit of all existing design. Colors, fonts, icons, company apps and avatars, website button styles, email, name, slogan, content, and marketing collateral are often completely changed, and immediate financial benefits are typically the result.

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