Scribe Winery, Sonoma California

The Scribe Winery branding, website, printed promotions, bottle labels, and viticultural society packaging work holistically with the Scribe environment, fully authenticating Scribe’s naturalist promise

Filmed by William Papadin


When Scribe Vintner Andrew Mariani approached Nothing Something with his plan to revive California’s oldest lost vineyard, he asked us to create a brand that would appeal people like him: young, social wine lovers who feel that in a digital world, real luxury is good farming, good food & drink, and good people.


A brand is a promise kept or broken the moment a product is experienced

Branding itself is a series of promises, each one kept or broken during the many branded moments that precede the product experience. As with all relationships, the more promises are kept the more trust is earned. This is how the Scribe brand connection is made.


Be yourself

A thoughtfully designed custom booklet differentiated and established Scribe Winery as a brand that gives a damn and takes a stand, committed to naturalism not for the purposes of a photo shoot or a lifestyle, but as an existential imperative.


At the epicenter of California winemaking, perched on a hillside overlooking the bay, this Sonoma Winery occupies the very first parcel of land ever to produce wine in California. So begins the story of Emil Dresel, who emigrated from Germany with smuggled vines in his ruck sack and began to scribe the story of California winemaking. He built the Dresel & Co. name into a celebrated vineyard, only to be felled 60 years later by prohibition.


It's hard to stand out in the wine game, but the flashy design other brands use to attract a younger audience just makes brands look goofy. Much like Andrew, the Scribe branding stands out with a little less effort. It embraces many elements of traditional label design, using subtle, smart accents to make a strong point: a flipped trademark insignia amidst an otherwise refined logo creates a subtle anti-corporate wink; classic label design with unusual formatting and stripped-down, minimalist bottles alert the consumer to Scribe’s no-nonsense, keepers-of-this-land approach. 


♥ Photography by Allan Zepeda, Sean O’Brien, Nora Sibley Denker, Kevin Landwehr, Molly DeCoudreaux, Gabriela Herman.