The Alembic

“An atmosphere of gritty, bluesy cool pervades this intimate, rough-hewn yet sophisticated bar and small-plates restaurant, where a person can get a bourbon old-fashioned and a slow-braised oxtail sandwich. The unique bar is roomy where it counts---behind the counter, so the hard-working bartenders can move around---and fashioned from recycled Kezar Stadium bleachers.

The whole room smells of roasted malt and old wood, and features a tin ceiling and soft, bare-bulb droplights against dust-colored walls. The drink list is filled with the brown stuff---Manhattans, Sazeracs, and a turn-of-the-century rye whiskey concoction known as The Bone---perfect for gambling types and transients in vintage fedoras.”


The Alembic is restaurateur Dave McLean's dedication to cocktail and culinary perfection at every level.
Nothing Something’s branding program is typographically-driven and relates well to their rugged, whiskey-inspired interior. A five-pound waterjet cut steel menu holder houses the extensive liquor collection; after all, nothing says “We mean business” like a book you can hardly lift. The result? GQ, Esquire, Food & Wine and Gourmet have called The Alembic “The Best Bar in America”.